What is the online advertising network?
Like employment, stocks, currency, and oil derivatives, online advertising space has a market. It’s worth a monetary rate that is determined by how much an advertiser is willing to pay, based on the perceived value of the traffic that the publisher site has to offer. In that sense it kind of follows the same product supply and demand curve that we learned about all those years ago in our introductory economics class.
What's the difference between ADXDirect.com and other interactive online advertising agencies?
As opposed to interactive online advertising agencies that tend to present themselves as middlemen, ADXDirect.com is an online advertising platform that servers as a facilitator between advertisers and publishers. That means that advertisers and publishers who log into ADXDirect.com have an increased visibility of what they have to offer each other. Hence, the high volume of publishers and advertisers in the system allow the online advertising marketplace to be rendered visible all at once.
Why Should Publishers use the ADXDirect.com Platform?
Because of the increased transparency of the online advertising marketplace that is made possible by the ADXDirect.com platform, publishers can receive fair market value compensation for the traffic that they deliver to advertisers. The staggering number of advertisers that range from small local companies to the largest of the multinational corporations convey a wealth of endless traffic monetization possibilities to the publisher. Publishers who are worried about not optimizing their revenue through other middleman-type advertising networks can use ADXDirect.com to place a floor on the compensation they seek. Advertisers are then free to select which publisher sites they want based on the CPM rates.
Why Should Advertisers use the ADXDirect.com Platform?
ADXDirect.com permits some pretty advanced campaign customization possibilities for the advertiser. Thanks to time and geo-targeting capabilities, the advertiser can sleep well at night knowing that he, his chief marketing officer, and his CEO will be satisfied with the quality and conversion of traffic delivered by ADXDirect.com. The advertiser has the possibility of selecting publisher sites on an individual basis or on a large theme channel basis. Either way, this type of website content targeting enhances the logic and relevancy of the advertisers’ campaigns.